Gone With The Flesh

In 2006, Gone With The Flesh was formed in Fort Walton Beach, Florida by rhythm guitar and lead vocal Jonathan Schlager. His desire was to return to the late 80s heavy metal sound with some influences of current metal styles. With most of Gone With The Flesh being military members, the band’s challenge was the military life. With the addition of drummer Joe Sumrall in 2007, lead guitarist Ash Miller, (2013) and more recently, bassist Bob Wallace (2015), Gone With The Flesh has strengthened it’s line up to a more definitive crew. 


During the band’s journey, opportunities arose in which Gone With The Flesh opened for national act, Hatebreed, in 2011. In 2017, Gone With The Flesh opened for national act hed(PE). With the ending of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, and as with all major conflicts, Gone With The Flesh wrote a song about the increasing acknowledgment of PTSD. The song was featured in the article: “National Veterans News Service "Gone With The Flesh", Heavy Metal Band Takes on PTSD” WTW - Wounded Times Weblog. In August 2018, Gone With The Flesh entered the local radio station’s ‘Next2Rock’ contest. Although they placed third, the local newspaper and radio station praised on how the band’s music stole the show. 


Gone With The Flesh is playing shows in the local region and is currently recording their second album.

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